Certified Data Professional with eight years of experience using Excel, three years of Python programming, and one year of hands-on experience working with Windows Administration, databases, data visualization, and machine learning.

Kalen Willits – Data Scientist, Data Analyst, and Python Developer.

From 2013 to 2018 I managed a music store in Hawaii where I learned critical small business practices. Once put to the test, I had the pleasure during my last year solving problems that increased gross revenue by nearly 20%. After my time in retail, I pursued aeronautics and which allowed me to gain an understanding and passion of science and mathematics.

I began coding in Python to create tools for helping me through mathematical and logical concepts in my studies. Since then, I’ve applied those skills to my client’s technical problems and find their solutions from data. During weekly shadowing, I learn to refine my skills from some of the most talented business analysts in the company using SQL.

My current experience includes working with databases, data visualization, and machine learning.

I strive to complete my goals to thrive in the field of data science and continue my research with an “always-learning” attitude.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, insights, or data projects you have!

Skills in use:

• Python

• Jupyter Notebooks


• Windows OS

• Mac OS

• Linux OS (Debian and Arch)

• Bash

• Bomgar

• SalesForce

• Pandas

• Matplotlib

• Numpy

• GIt & Github

• Scikit-learn

• Requests

• Anaconda

• Docker

• Google Cloud Console

• Metabase

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